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“It's not how much money you make... but how much money you keep... how hard it works for you... and how many generations you keep it for.”  

Robert Kiyosaki 


What are the Major Benefits of this effective Financial Coaching Program for Professionals?


Allows you to optimize every facet of your finances for growth

Financial coaching works from the inside-out revealing the root causes of financial problems thus providing lasting change

Financial coaching not only results in improved financial habits but positively affects other aspects of your life as well

Benefits of higher financial knowledge adds value both personally as well as professionally - increases understanding of the economic influence of business decisions

The brainstorming and vetting process during financial coaching helps you avoid mistakes and control procrastination on the difficult issues

Builds an internal culture of a solution generating mindset and workmanship, yeilding higher personal performance

“As life gets more frenzied, people are struggling to find balance and purpose. A coach simply helps you realize a more fulfilling and harmonious life, faster and easier.”

Dayton Daily News

"Adina [Financial Coach], is great- AT Enterprises genuinely cares about people and their clients. Very professional."

Amber G.
Business Performance Advisor

A professional coach is an individual who helps people with career development, professional goals and long-term workplace success strategies... to manage the width and breadth of providing such services for an organization, the hire of an independent coaching firm can not only strengthen their ability to advance professional development agendas, but also also add a more detailed touch to this service being provided to their valued employees.

Why Is There A Growing Trend of Coaching Program Integration in HR Department Services?


Take Advantage of Benefits of this Coaching Program

Module 1: Financial Foundation

Week 1 – “Setting a Strong Financial Foundation” Part 1
Developing Spending and Saving Habits | Current Financial Strengths & Non-Strengths | Current Financial Tendencies | Financial Situation Career Implications

Week 2 – “Setting a Strong Financial Foundation” Part 2
Strategies for Spending and Saving Strategically | Developing a Personal Budget

Module 2: Foundation & Creation 

Week 3 – “Setting a Strong Financial Foundation" Part 3
Increasing Cash Flow | Other Critical Financial Considerations [Credit & Tax]

Week 4 – “Business Creation Process” Part 1
Finding the Appropriate Business Structure | Business Structure Required Documentation | Desired Business Structure Strengths/Weaknesses - Main Benefits | Business Structure Registration Processes

Module 3: Business Creation Process 

Week 5 – “Business Advisory & Creation Process” Part 2
Business Structure Organization Steps | Business Structure Financial Arrangements & Accounting | Separation Process – Personal & Business Assets

Weeks 6 – “Business Advisory & Creation Process” Part 3
Protections for Business Structure | Networking for Business Alignment & Partnerships | Working with the Federal & State Government Agencies | Web & Social Media Presence

Module 4: Business Advisory 

Week 7 – “Further Business Advisory” Part 1
Business Planning & Road-mapping | Budget Development and Budget Projection Models

Week 8 – “Further Business Advisory” Part 2
Business Operations Review – Cost Savings & Efficiencies | Reviewing the Value of Customized Tax Planning


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